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Pinnacles Real Estate group has well-known and respected real estate agents with over 50 years of combined experience in every aspect of real estate including first time homebuyer, short sales, and new construction.  They are specialist in the all locations of Monterey County including  Soledad, Salinas, King City, Greenfield, and Gonzales. When representing buyers, we know the importance of taking a strategic approach to the purchase of a home. We know how to position our buyers so that they can make an offer that resonates with sellers - one that stands apart from the rest.

Previously Coldwell Banker Ledesma & Associates, Pinnacles Real Estate Group was formed in 2017 as one of the premier Monterey County real estate brokerages. Few have the experience and focus on Monterey County as we do.

There is no better testimony than from our valued clients who choose to return, time and again, to Pinnacles Real Estate Group. A majority of our business comes from the friends and families of these clients and there isn't a better compliment. 


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